A FEW WORDS OF COMFORT FOR THE GRIEVING, The One-Year Companion for the Brokenhearted. 

FEW International Publications. Copyright 2018.




This beautiful devotional/workbook provides reassurance through the most difficult of trials, serving as a roadmap through your grief journey. Stories of loss vary from death to unemployment, from childhoods erased by abuse to identity crises as life stages end, from miscarriages to health challenges. Grieving is not just the result of losing a loved one, although those stories are certainly in these pages; it can come from moving, from betrayal, from the ends of relationships, from violent experiences, and from change. Readers will find peace and even joy through life’s struggles of denial, pain, guilt, anger, bargaining, depression, looking back, loneliness, and transition. They are treated to a year-long, personalized journey of growing closer to God at the very time when they may feel most abandoned. This book and its writers are truly the readers’ companions as they heal their way forward through their grief and toward rebuilding, acceptance, and eternal hope.


No stranger to the devastation of loss, Luanne’s personal experiences found in this book provide powerful testimonies in going from grief to peace.


People are saying:


(5 out of 5 stars) “I am still amazed at the realness these Authors were willing to share to help others heal from their loss. Their truth is poured out page after page as you read about their brokenness and then see how God intervened and turned ashes into beauty. A must read for the broken-hearted.”  ~ Terry 


(5 out of 5 stars) “My husband passed away at the end of August in 2018. I know that I am grieving and the only way is through it. I already struggle with depression and was worried that this grief could swallow me alive. So, I prayed to the Lord for help and his comfort (as He promises). The day this book is released for sale it pops up in my Facebook feeds recommended by close friends of mine. I ordered it right away. I opened the cover and in the letter to the readers it states: "It is so important that we are patient with ourselves when we walk the path of darkness, because finding the light can seem impossible. But I believe everyday, Good Friday ends on a bright Easter morning." It also goes on to read: "God has healing, light, and hope for you as you trust Him to carry your broken heart. He doesn't just want you to survive grief, He wants you to be filled with a new Joy!"


Well, this is how things work between God and I. He leads, I follow. I am going to step out and walk with the companionship offered by these women. I am not terrified of this process now. I am going to take the companionship offered by these women and work through my grief. I promise to check back in with updates.


Thank you to Kimberly Joy Krueger, Reji Laberje, Annabelle Ahlers, Susan Brozek, Karen Bruno, Neesie Cieslak, Jessica Chase, Lisa Danegelis, Victoria Dreckman, Rebecca Faye Gambort, Linet Lewerenz, Luanne Nelson, Maria Christine Notch, Amy Sikkema, Heather Taylor, Traci Weldie, and Ava Olivia Willett for being God's hands and feet.”  ~ KHK