A FEW WORDS ON YOUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST, A 125 Day Discovery of Your Truest Self. FEW International Publications. Copyright 2019.


In this dynamic collection of devotionals, you will meet real women from all ages and stages of life, each on her own personal journey to find her truest self. You will read devotionals penned by courageous women; women who are determined to see themselves as God sees them, and the powerful Scriptures that gave them the eyes to do so. Though Satan tried relentlessly to make each one of them believe they were not enough, not worthy, not acceptable, and not beautiful in God sight, each powerful devotional demonstrates how the truth of God’s Word makes even the most insecure woman reflect the beauty of God Himself.


Together with 16 women, Luanne traces her life’s journey from “never good enough” to truly blessed and loved. In her entries from “Loss” to “Crying Out for a Life Preserver,” Luanne traces a path for you to see to how “Jesus Changes Everything.”


What people are saying:


(5 out of 5 stars) “This book is a MUST read for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ. In this day and time, many have allowed social media, other people, television, etc to tell them who they should be! The truth is you are who God says you are and your true identity is ONLY found in HIM; this book helps you to understand that. The authenticity from which the authors write, comes through the pages! As a single woman, the devotional about waiting on the Lord really spoke to me and reminded me that God always has a plan. There is something in this book for everyone to receive that will help them to gain a greater knowledge of the Father’s heart towards them. Don’t just buy a book for yourself, buy one for anybody who needs to be built up or renewed in their true identity. You won’t be disappointed!”  ~ Myesha


(5 out of 5 stars) “This devotional changed how I saw myself. I understand more now than ever who I really am, and how to agree with what God says about me! Transformational reading AND journaling! Love this book!”  ~ Bonnie K.