NATURAL AND ORGANIC HEALING, Your Ultimate Guide to Health and Wellness. Lucas J. Robak, The Wellness Fair. Copyright 2019.


Wherever you are in your health journey, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. With 21 co-authors, discovering that one golden nugget to begin improving your well-being is easy!


In her chapter, “Aging Gracefully,” Luanne Nelson writes, “Time flies! Navigating through the sixth decade of life, I’ve had plenty of time to learn from my mistakes, I’ve also had enough time to get a few things right. I hope you’ll find a few of the highlights I’ve included here to be worth implementing in your own life.”


People are saying:


(5 stars out of 5) “You will learn a lot! Seriously, each co-author chapter is so full of info you may be tempted to put it down to let your brain catch its breath- Don't! I say do the opposite. The wonderful thing about this book other than the amazing life-enhancing information, is that it opens your world up to even more when you begin to explore each co-author individually. The inclusion of their social media links turns this compendium of wisdom into your own personal encyclopedia of health and wellness information from trusted and well-known friends (I say friends because it seems like I got to know the real them in each of their chapters). So be warned. You will also enjoy it!!”  ~ Larunce Pipkin


(5 stars out of 5) “As a Mental Health and Performance Coach, I am always on the lookout for new ideas to help clients. All I can say is. in just this one book you'll receive actionable strategies and tactics from 23 different wellness professionals from around the world. Spectacular!”  ~ Amazon Customer


(5 stars out of 5) “Natural and Organic Healing has given me a glimpse of twenty one amazing wellness experts, many of whom I look forward to learning more about and obtaining their other materials and offers. I feel like this book takes the very best from twenty one different authors and distills their expertise into easy to read short chapters that can be quickly and easily referenced later.”  ~ Melissa