THE BREAKTHROUGH EFFECT, Inspiration and Equipping for Your Breakthrough from 17 Extraordinary Women. FEW International Publications, Copyright 2018.


Break through to a higher calling, a life transformation, or a new life free from struggle. Not only will readers experience true testimonies of impactful breakthroughs from seventeen women, these stories – about careers, families, personal identity, and overcoming struggles ranging from violent attacks, to the loss of loved ones – will provide insights for achieving your own desired breakthroughs. 


Luanne’s shares this excerpt from her own riveting story: “Recently, I saw a photo of one of my daughters on Instagram. She was very pregnant. I texted her with a stunned message; she did not respond. She had her baby a few months ago; a beautiful baby girl. I saw the photo on the Internet; my first and only grandchild. I thought I would never stop crying.


Deep breath. I’ve been tracking down some old friends. I found one of my favorite college roommates on Facebook. She offered me more solace than she will ever know. When I told Mary about my kids, she quipped, ‘Who are we to say we are a better parent than God is?’ Her words knocked the breath right out of me.”


How well-equipped and ready are you to experience a breakthrough in your life?


What people are saying:


(5 out of 5 stars) “I was truly touched by the words in this book. It brought me tears of sadness, but also comforted me with tears of hope. It gave me strength to know I am NOT alone, and neither are you! We all go through life’s struggles in different capacities; however, one thing all of these women had in common was their faith. They held on for their life, knowing that God had them covered! I loved the reassurance this book gave me to know that I have a purpose. Thank you to the authors for a truly inspired piece of work! This book is highly recommended!”   ~ Dana P.


(5 out of 5 stars) “The women are so vulnerable and honest in sharing their stories and it's inspiring that I'm not the only one who has hopeless days or angry days or days that it just seems like it'll never get better and that the whole of creation is against me. But each one is a powerful reminder that when we surrender to God's will, there is no power that can stand against and all His plans are for our good. That by getting through the storm, we emerge a stronger warrior for Him. This book is such a blessing - and I'm giving it to friends for Christmas who need a little extra hope.”  ~ Denell