TIPPING TABLES: THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS AND STORIES OF REDEMPTION. Naomi’s Street People, Luanne Nelson. Nico 11 Publishing and Design. Copyright 2019. 

Right or wrong? Good or bad? Holy or evil? I know there’s a line somewhere …


Who is in charge anyway?


Excerpt from the book: “If there is such a thing as “sin,” are some sins more serious than other sins? How do I get rid of sins that are piling up in the corners of my life, getting out of control, and seriously messing everything up? I really do need to stop smoking. My chest hurts. Drinking a bottle of wine a day can’t be very good for my liver. I know, I’ll drop off some clothing at the women’s shelter! If there really is a God, He will see me doing that and maybe when I die, if there is life after this, He’ll remember me doing some good stuff and cut me a break on a technicality. Is there any hope for me? Should I care? Should I take another happy pill my doc prescribed for me and just forget about the whole thing? Where is that joint I rolled last night? Is anger a sin? I hope not because I am upset a lot. I remember Jesus was seen TIPPING TABLES over in the Temple when He got angry, so it must be alright for me to be upset once in a while, too, right?”


The second half of this timely book presents a powerful collection of Stories of Redemption shared by men and women who have had encounters with JESUS; men and women who intimately know His mercy, love and forgiveness.


People are saying:


(5 out of 5 stars) “Some of the stories are very moving, as well as being exceptionally well written. Good book for casual reading, or for deep and serious introspection. Highly recommended.”  ~ Kolonel Jake


(5 out of 5 stars) “The whole book was very well written. I really appreciated the numerous personal stories of "redemption." It gave me a sense of peace and warmth knowing that others have experienced struggles similar to mine and that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for an informative read.” ~ Michael Callahan



(5 out of 5 stars) “This is a wonderful book to "get back on track" - the stories of redemption are amazing and powerful. Great gift!” ~ Annie